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The greatest flavoured lubes available!

System JOs range of flavoured lubes are second to none! Their collection offers the most flavourful array of personal intimate lubes available on the market today. The System JO collection of flavoured lubes will excite the taste-buds and your appetite for pleasure! They are a great way to spice up intimacy and enhance foreplay

*Original H2O range - this water-based range of flavoured lubes have been formulated with natural glycerin extracts that provide a naturally sweetened flavour. They are also guaranteed to leave no ikky after-taste. Available in over a dozen fruit flavours, they can be used individually or mixed and matched to create your own personal flavour combo's!

*Gelato range - this range of delectable, naturally sweetened flavoured lubes are based on some of the most popular desserts from around the world. Seven unique flavours now available, ranging from Tira Misu to Decadent Double Choc Mousse. You'll find that there is no stick or tack, no ikky after-taste, and they clean up easily with water.

*Candy Shop - the newest addition to the System JO family of flavoured lubes. The flavours in this range are also naturally sweetened and there will be no ikky after-taste. There are 3 flavours available - Bubblegum (tastes just like Hubba Bubba!), Cotton Candy (Fairy Floss) and Butterscotch.

Don't let your previous disappointing experiences with flavoured lubes deter you from trying this tantalising, delectable range! You won't regret it!

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