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Play Naughty With JO!


We have been enjoying System JO products for a few years and cannot fault them in any way. The standard is always exceptional ... which they have maintained since the beginning. As their brand and Jo share a name, friends often joked they were named after me ... 'perhaps you should find out whether you could sell them!' So, one night after a quick google search, we found System JO's contact details, sent an email and waited. Not expecting them to take us a chance on us, we were stunned when they asked us to pitch a few ideas as to what we wanted to do. We must have impressed them for their next step was to put us in touch with their chosen Australian distributor to set up an account. In the meantime, we registered our business name, Adventurouscouple69. And here we are today, almost 18 months old and proud retailers of System JO products. We are confident that we have the quality products you seek, with a range that will suit everyone's needs. You will all find that there is no such thing as an awkward question with us! Enjoy exploring our range! 

Play naughty xo

Dan and Jo


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