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System JO Stimulants - Part 1

This dynamic and comprehensive range of stimulants were designed to enhance intimate pleasure and help you discover new depths of pleasure. Designed with both men and women in mind. This post will be introducing you to 2 of them from this exciting range!

*Oral Delight - this water-based flavoured stimulant ensures that giving and receiving is fun for everyone! It is designed for both men and women to use. It creates cooling and tingling sensations through the combination of menthol and peppermint. The thickened gel comes in a no-mess pump pack and you‘ll find a little goes a long way. Guaranteed to add another level fun to foreplay! Available in delicious strawberry and vanilla flavours

*Flavoured Arousal Gel - available in 2 flavours -

’Sweet Berry Heat’ - this water-based clitoral arousal gel creates an intense warming sensation with a delicious, kissable flavour. It is guaranteed to have no bitter after-taste as it is sweetened with sucralose, which is also pH friendly

‘Mint Chip Chill’ - also water-based, this aromatic kissable arousal gel has the cooling effect of mint with undertones of rich chocolate. Also guaranteed to leave no bitter aftertaste due it’s natural ingredients. So if you are looking to add a little extra pizzaz to your oral play then look no further!

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