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Specialty Lubricants - Part 2

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

Today I will continue discussing System JO's amazing range of specialty lubricants. As with all System JO products, a little goes a long way!

*Anal lubricants - these lubes have been designed to enhance the comfort of intimate, more adventurous play. The water-based formula (H2O) provides a silky smooth, buttery body with a long-lasting comfortable glide. It is easy to clean with no tacky residue. Compatible with all toys and condom friendly. The silicone (premium) formula is designed to moisturise and enhance playtime with a silky smooth and pleasurable glide. The thicker texture also makes it perfect for all forms of water play

*H2O Gel for Men - this water-based lube has been designed to moisturize and enhance sexual activity, perfect for solo play. The thick gel-like texture does not stretch or thin too quickly, and offers a no-drip long-lasting glide. Partners well with masturbators and strokers, providing a luxuriously wet sensation

*Jelly's - this unique range of lubricants was designed to handle the rigors of more adventurous play. The water-based (H2O) formula provides a thick, silky smooth sensation that cleans easily with water. It is compatible with most toys, making it perfect for solo, couple and toy play. Condom friendly. Available in light, original and maximum thicknesses. The premium (silicone) formula is designed to start thick and then thin into a silky smooth, barely there glide, that thinly coats the skin for added protection. Both formulas are long-lasting and never sticky or tacky

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