System JO's H2O range of flavoured lubes is second to none! Available in over a dozen flavours, you can make up your own flavour combos with our unique range of lube bundles ... the more you buy the more you save!

 A variety of textures and thicknesses that provide a more enjoyable sexual experience!
(Silicone, H2O and Hybrid)






Buying tips and hints
All of the System JO lubricants that we sell fall into three base categories - water (H2O), silicone and hybrid, which is a combination of H2O and silicone, or H2O and coconut oil. The widest range of products we sell fall within the H2O range. Our silicone and H2O lube ranges are now available in Original, Women's, Men's, Anal, Gel's and Jelly's. The difference between all these choices comes down to the thickness of the lube, and we guarantee we have one to suit everybody and every occasion! Most of System JO's range of personal lubricants are available in Original, Cooling and Warming. Lubes are listed from thinnest to thickest, followed by flavoured lubes and then the organic range.
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